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In the heart of Bòssia River valley, one of the most virgins of the Pyrenees, at the bottom of the extaordinary mountains of Llevata, whose peak is the Pica de Cerví (2.753 m height), we find the village of Les Esglésies, surrounded by the Bòssia River and the Sentís Ravine. This is a very charming countryside in the middle of a beautiful environment where you will find the typical peacefulness of a Pyrenees' village.

Casa Batlle is the most ancient house of Les Esglésies village, and her origin dates from XVIth century about, when two brothers coming from a castle, named Castell Germà and placed over a huge rock, with the old village at the bottom named Perpinyà (whose ruins we can yet visit), decide to move in search of better and rich soil, founding the present-day village of Les Esglésies.

Our Offers

Discount for overnight stays: 10%
If your stay is 10 or more nights, we apply a discount of 10% on the amount of the accommodation, in the modality of reservation by Apartments.
Discount for unoccupied places: 50%

If you book an apartment of 3 or more places, we make a discount of 50% in places that are not occupied, provided that your stay is not in high season or coincides with a long weekend. Applicable in the modality of reservation by Apartments.

This year's high seasons are:

From 01/08/2018 to 31/08/2018

This year's long weekends are:

Arriving on 18/04/2019 and departure on 22/04/2019
Arriving on 21/06/2019 and departure on 24/06/2019
Arriving on 07/09/2019 and departure on 11/09/2019
Arriving on 11/10/2019 and departure on 13/10/2019
Arriving on 31/10/2019 and departure on 02/12/2018
Arriving on 05/12/2019 and departure on 09/12/2018

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